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CRS318-1Fi-15Fr-2S-OUT (netPower 15FR)

Manufacturer: Mikrotik
Code: RTB-CRS318-1FI-15FR-2S-OUT
Product model: CRS318-1Fi-15Fr-2S-OUT
Stock: in stock in stock
Packaging: 5 pcs/carton
Documentation: download datasheet for CRS318-1Fi-15Fr-2S-OUTCRS318-1Fi-15Fr-2S-OUT - Datasheet
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netPower 15FR (CRS318-1Fi-15Fr-2S-OUT)#

netPower15FR Mikrotik
With netPower 15FR switch you can forget about expensive GPON base stations and optical splitters. This switch is a part of our GPEN concept – aimed to bring the speed and versatility of fiber networking while using the advantages of Ethernet. It is an easy to deploy, low-cost way for any ISP to deliver the Internet to individual apartments.

You don’t have to worry about power options in the attic or the utility room – netPower 15FR has 15 reverse PoE ports. Depending on your setup, netPower can draw the necessary power even from a single client! Another Ethernet port has PoE-out – you can use it to power an aggregate link such as our Wireless Wire Dish or a security camera, for example.
There are two SFP ports for fiber connectivity. The outdoor enclosure allows you to install this switch in all kinds of environments – from damp attics to elevator shafts and different poles with hose clamps.
netPower 15FR has a non-blocking throughput of 3.6 Gbps, switching capacity of 7.2 Gbps and forwarding rate of 5.4 Mpps.

Technical Specifications :#

CPU 98DX224S 800 MHz
Memory RAM:256 MB
Flash for storage: 16 MB
Switch chip model 98DX224S
Number of 100 Mbps Ethernet ports 16
SFP cages 2
Operating system SwOS / RouterOS (Dual boot)
RouterOS license level 5
PoE in Ports 1 - 14 and 16
PoE out On Ether15
Supported input voltage 18 - 57 V (DC jack); 36 - 57 V (PoE-in)
Number of DC jacks 1 ( power adapter not included)
Dimensions 304 x 212 x 71 mm
Operating temperature -40C to +70C tested
Max power consumption 29 W

netPower15FR Mikrotik
netPower15FR Mikrotik
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 February, 2020.
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