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Manufacturer: Mikrotik
Code: RTB-CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+RM
Product model: CRS354-48P-4S2QRM
Stock: out of stockout of stock
In stock on 2024-05-24
Packaging: 2 pcs/carton
Documentation: download datasheet for CRS354-48P-4S2QRMCRS354-48P-4S2QRM - Datasheet
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RTB-CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+RM Mikrotik

RTB-CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+RM Mikrotik
The CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+RM is an effective and adaptable rackmount solution for managing networks in the most demanding environments. Unlike many other switches out there, our products are made with the system administrator in mind.
High-end performance for the masses: 4x10G ports and 2x40G ports, because speed matters

This powerful switch has 48 x 1G RJ45 ports and 4 x 10G SFP+ ports. There are also 2 x 40G QSFP+ ports for extremely fast fiber connections or linking with other 40 Gbps devices. All 48 Ethernet ports offer different power output options: Passive PoE, low voltage PoE, 802.3af/at (Type 1 "PoE" / Type 2 "PoE+") with auto-sensing, making this switch the easiest solution to power even the largest setups. We have included a mighty power supply that can provide 750 W of power – this switch can handle a lot. And there is a special bracket for easy cable management.

RTB-CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+RM Mikrotik

Technical Specifications:#

CPU QCA9531, 650 MHz
Size of RAM 64MB
Storage 16 MB flash
10/100 Ethernet ports 1
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 48
10G SFP+ ports 4
40G QSFP+ ports 2
Supported input voltage AC power supply 100 - 240V
Redundant supply Yes
Serial port RJ45
Dimensions 297 x 443 x 44 mm
Operating temperature -20°C .. +60°C
Operating system RouterOS (License level 5) or SwitchOS
PoE-out IEEE 802.3at/af and 26 or 53 V Passive PoE
PoE-out ports Ether1 - Ether48
PoE-out max per port (low voltage 26 V) 26 W
PoE-out max per port (high voltage 53 V) 30 W
Max total out (low voltage 26 V) 27 A
Max total out (high voltage 53 V) 13.2 A
Max power consumption 800 W
Max power consumption without attachments 85 W
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 February, 2020.
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